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Why is this knowledge so precious if it’s been around for decades?Because few know it, and even fewer know HOW to use it.95% of modern wannabe advertisers are going after the latest copywriting gimmicks that may look good on paper but FAIL MISERABLY in the harsh reality of competitive online marketing.

“We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants”

Make this one your motto if you truly want to join the ranks of the best-paid copywriters in the world.

Why “COPY NOSTRA” heist is such a fat prize?

  • In the 20th century, advertising was way more straightforward than it is today. Instead of worrying about being politically correct & “Hip” copywriters cared about one thing and one thing only: SALES

  • The same principles that made giants out of brands such as Coca-Cola, Jaguar and Playboy can still be applied today, especially for small & mid-size businesses. The world may have changed, but the human psyche NEVER changes.

  • What we’re doing here is exactly what the greatest copywriting-killers of today are doing! The ones who don’t leave their copy up to guesswork but make use of our master predecessors’ wisdom.


Did you know that Agora Publishing – a multi-million-dollar publishing giant, crafted an email promoting their “Laissez Faire Club” that was astonishingly similar to the legendary $2 billion Wall St. Journal sales letter written by Martin Conroy in 1975?If such a massive company like Agora is learning from what worked in the past, why wouldn’t YOU?

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  • Insightful & no-fluff analysis of the best-performing copywriting in the history of advertising – from 1940s to 2020s

  • Shockingly true stories behind most famous brands’ top products that raked in millions of dollars thanks to the combination of pure genius & sheer luck

  • Mindset shifting experiences I’ve learned from (the hard way) during my first few years of working in the bizarre world of online marketing

  • Sales & Advertising do’s & don’ts that will scale your business to 6 & 7 figures if you get them right or put a bullet to your business’ head if you get them wrong

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